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25 December 2006 @ 02:16 pm
Christmas eve.  Mom decides that she isn't going to come to my aunts house this year with my dad's side of the family.  This is the second year in a row she has not gone.  And she will probably continue from here on out not to go.  

So we head over to my Tia Brenda's house around seven.  We ate tamales, and the karaoke machine was a big hit.  I sang a total of three songs, "you're the one that i want" (my duet with Amariz.. she was danny and i was sandy), "i'll make love to you (duet with my cousin honda) "baby got back" (duh!), and "it's my party."  By 1030, by aunt brenda, and aunt bertha were completely wasted, and would dance around whoever was up on the karaoke machine, saying that they were the back up dancers.  By.. 1120ish.. my Aunt Bertha was walking around belligerently drunk outside, and we had to pull her back inside because we were afraid that she was going to fall and hit her head on the concrete.  So we opened the front door, put a chair right next to it, and sat her in it.  She was sprawled, head back, mouth open, and asleep in this chair.  But.. the party still goes on.  It's Paulina's turn to sing now, ( my tia bertha's kid), and she starts singing Selena's "I could fall in love with you."  Everyone laughs and claps.  Dad then gets up and starts singing with my cousin Greg.  


My aunt Bertha starts throwing up all over herself.  Honda yells, and tries to sling her body over so she can puke outside since she is right next to the door.  Doesn't work. She throws up all over the tile.  Passes out.  As i tried to help, I get puke on my arms.  I almost throw up myself.  We can't move her, since my aunts heavy.  So we leave her where she is, in the chair, next to the door.  Greg puts napkins next to her mouth, like a bib.




12:oo Merry Christmas.

Dad starts passing out presents.  He chucks them too hard since he's drunk.  Amariz and i both get earrings and body wash.  Myelz looks disappointed.  Paulina squeals because she got the Hanna Montana Cd; Katie screams cause she is afraid of Tickle me Elmo.  Tanya gets a trash bag, and we start picking up all the trash and wrapping paper.  Time to get my tia bertha to the car.. so Greg grabs her arms, tanya's husband grabs her feet, she gets carried out like road kill.  People begin to leave and start slipping on the puke by the door.  Hug everyone goodbye.  Greg then begins to go on his drunken rant that he has done for the last two years, "you've changed, we're supposed to be cousins, your just like Patricia [his ex gf, babys momma], your a back stabber blah blah."  I start getting pissed off and tell him off.  He then tries inviting me to his parties, so I can get wasted with him and have a good time. I push him away from me, tell my dad it's time to go, grab the van keys.  End up driving home, while my dad keeps laughing the whole way.  Get home, mom's still awake.  "Of course your dad is drunk, and obviously i didn't miss anything."  I sigh.

Get into bed, and go to sleep.

Wake up.. dad completely hung over.  Mom's in a bad mood.  "I hate christmas, its so boring."  Nag, nag, nag.  

I float around the house for a while, play trouble with Amariz, take a shower, talk to the boy who I've fallen head over heels for and is playing games with me.  

Then wrote this entry on livejournal.  

Merry Christmas. 
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12 November 2006 @ 12:10 pm